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You may ask what sets us apart from all the many other dentists in the area. Here are just a few of the top reasons you should choose Tea Tree Dental ...
1. Patients Are Family
First and foremost, each and every patient is considered family. We want you to feel as if you are "at home" when you visit us. It's so important that you are in an environment where you feel comfortable and anxious free. We know many people do not like going to the dentist, but we try to make your visit as pleasant as possible.
2. You Will Love Our Team
You will love everyone at our office! From the moment you enter the front desk personnel will make sure you are comfortable your whole visit. You will love your interaction with our very knowledgeable dental assistant and hygienist, both of whom were dentists when they lived in Cuba. And finally, you will laugh probably your whole way through with the doctor. He has a way of making every patient feel at ease with his charisma and sense of humor. 
3. In-House Procedures
How does it sound to go to a one stop dental practice? At Tea Tree Dental we hardly ever refer out because the doctor does almost all procedures himself at our office. A lot of time you might go to a dentist where you get referred elsewhere for a root canal or extraction, which means you have to take more time off of work. With Dr. Camejo's experience and expertise you are able to get your extractions, root canal, and other complex procedures all at our office. 
4. We Educate You About Your Needs
Many times patients go to the dentist and are left confused with all the treatment plans (procedures) that they need to have done. Dr. Camejo will never suggest more than what you really need and he will always walk you through the findings and the work suggested in order to maintain your oral health and care. 
5. Hardly Any Wait Time
You time is precious so we try our hardest to not have you waiting. We try to set up the schedule in way where we know we will not have our patients waiting on us and where we allocate enough time to give each and every patient the attention they deserve. If you see our waiting room empty most of the time, that is because we strive to call each patient in within minute of their arrival. 
6. We Keep You Comfortable & Entertained
The last place many people want to be is at the dentist, but we are trying ti change that. We care about you so we want to keep you happy and have some form of entertainment while you wait or have a procedure done. We have large screen TV's in the operatories with access to Prime Video or Netflix so you can take your mind off the dental procedure and just relax watching your favorite TV shows or movies. 
7. Dentistry for the Whole Family
Bring your whole family to your dentist! From your 2 year old baby to your grandparents, we will take care of all your loved ones!
8. Open Sterilization Area
We want all of our patients to have the peace of mind that all of our equipment are clean and safe. Our sterilization machine is out in the open visible for all to see. 
9. We Are Available After Hours
Dr. Camejo truly cares about each and every one of his patients, therefore we are always able to answer your calls to address any of your dental needs or worries. After every major procedure, he will give his patients a call in the evening to see how they are doing. In addition, we have our office phone forwarded to our personal cell phone so that we are always available to our patients. 
10. We Offer Financial Help
We know how expensive dental work might be, and we want to help you so you can get the oral care you need. We offer financial plans from Care Credit, GreenSky, and Lending Club. And very soon we will be announcing our Tea Tree Dental membership for those without dental insurance, so stay tuned!
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