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Dr. Camejo

The first thing you need to know about Dr. Camejo is that he thinks he is really funny-so prepare for comedy hour during your first office visit. Here’s a tip, pretend he’s funny and you might get extra perks at the office. 

Dr.  Camejo was born in Cuba and came to Miami at the age of eight. He graduated  from St Thomas university with a B.A. in Biology and Minor in psychology. Dr. Camejo  graduated from University of Florida College of Dentistry and even though he did not graduate from undergrad maintains he is a die hard Gator.

The things Dr. Camejo values most are family, honesty, loyalty, and building long-term relationships while building value-driven dentistry.

Family is the most important aspect of Dr. Camejo’s life. To prove it, he once had three children under the age of three and thought about one more - no seriously!

When he is not in the office, he loves to play dolls with his daughter Kate, play soldiers with his son Jack, watch Mickey for the 100th time with his youngest Maddie, or try to squeeze in some quality time with the love of his life, Michelle. 


 All of this is to say that Dr. Camejo is a really caring, proficient dentist that will treat his patients like his family.


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10768 SW 24th Street Miami, FL 33165  /  Tel. (305) 456-9900

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