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Since we know how confusing insurance coverage might be, we wanted to give a little insight to help our patients understand it better. First we need to understand that dental insurances are not the same as medical insurances. If you have a really good medical insurance it might cover most of all your medical bills, whereas even the best dental insurance will not. For example, a really good dental insurance might cover 100% of a preventative treatment, 80% of basic dental treatments, and 50% of major dental treatments (such as crowns, extractions, etc). The patients will be responsible for the remaining percentage not covered by their insurance. That would only be if you have a PPO plan though. There are two type of insurance coverage: HMOs and PPOs. It even took us some time to understand these two monsters. So with an HMO plan you pay less of a premium but more out of pocket if you need dental treatment beyond preventative care. For example, an HMO plan would cover your cleaning and you would not have a co-pay, but if you would need a major treatment such as an extraction you would be responsible for the full amount. It does offer the patient a more discounted rate than the one a dentist would normally charge, but it would still be 100% of the patients responsibility. So let's say you need an implant- if you have a PPO plan (depending on your specific insurance) your insurance might pay 50% and the patient the remaining 50%, whereas if you have an HMO the patient would need to pay 100% of the implant. Insurances are a little more complicated than this, but this is just so you have an idea of what the difference in HMO and PPO coverage might be. Either way since every insurance is different, we would always call your insurance company before your appointment to know exactly what your specific plan covers and once we know we would give you a call back before your appointment to inform you as well. That way it's not a surprise once you come in for treatment. 

Here is a list of the dental insurances we currently accept (we are in the process of enrolling with more insurances):

Most PPO plans have Out-of-Network benefits, meaning even if we are not credentialed with your specific insurance we will still be able to see you. The office will just need to call the insurance to verify coverage for out-of-network. 

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